January 15, 2008


You need to know your candidates, because a lot of people do not.

Don't vote for names. For the love of all that is righteous and holy, do not vote for a name. Voting for names helps people buy elections. If you want the person with the best ad agency, vote for a name. If you want the best president, don't vote for a name.

Don't vote single-issue. Don't vote on abortion or gay rights.

Don't base your vote on someone else's religion, especially if they're a mormon or have a muslim name.

Vote for the person who is going to allow you to keep your life the way you want it. Vote for who will keep America the most influential country in the world.

Vote for the person who will keep us from speaking Russian or Arabic.

Michigan has been in what's called a one-state-recession. I love my state and I hate to see people leave it. This state doesn't deserve to struggle. The qualifications of our own leadership aside, the same recession is heading for the rest of the country. A year from now, you may have less money. Vote for the person who isn't going to take even more of it away from you.

We have more than nine months before we elect the person to lead our country through a recession, and you have no excuse to vote for a name.

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Craig said...

What if I want government to force me to buy health care? Who should I vote for then??