June 12, 2008

A most excellent new blog

I am going to Tanzania. I made the decision a while ago. I don't remember when, exactly, but it was warm out and I was walking to the library and it just kinda felt like I had already chosen to do this. I didn't feel like I had made a choice, I felt like I realized I had already made it. That's how you make decisions like this, I guess.

In August, I'll be leaving for three months. I'll miss the World Series, the election and all the hoopla surrounding it, Mom, bro, and sis's birthday, hamburgers, and most of the pretty fall season.

I already bought my plane ticket, you can't stop me.

I started a new blog about it: http://jimandafrica.blogspot.com. I'd be honored if you'd check it out - I explain what I'm doing and stuff, it will be worth your while. And, I'll try to keep it updated when I'm in Tanzania, too.

Until then, this blog will keep going at the same breakneck pace of 2-3 posts per month. Once I get there, though, everything I'll have to say will probably be more appropriately posted there.

One love.