August 29, 2010

after the long silence

Let's see.

[looks back at previous blog posts.]

I haven't blogged since May. Silence since then. Big silence, long silence, full of learning and big stuff and important lessons and millions of other things. So it's okay. Sometimes things are overtaken in importance, blogging is one of them. Especially when you haven't done it regularly in a while. It was easy to push blogging aside in favor of the constant labor and noise of summer camp and the required rest that goes with it. In the last few years, my topics have slowly shifted to more poignant, serious matters - an honest pursuit of truth, I guess - though that doesn't necessarily reflect a shift in my demeanor. I have no interest in ever taking myself seriously or becoming an adult, or anything like that. Still, it was hard to find something to return with, some all-encompassing, amusing, back-and-better (read: wiser) perspective on life, the world, etc.

And so I've had to ask myself just what I want this blog to be. The first one, and everything after this, too, I guess. I've never wanted it to be an extension of Twitter - what I did, with who, when and where. I don't want it to be a proving ground for my creative writing.

And yet, I have to come back to blogging, to writing things that people - people I know, people I don't know - will read, and will want to read through. And so I've had to ask myself just what I want this blog to be. I guess these are essays about my life. I never thought I'd do that - write essays for fun. But that's what this has been for a while. What with that whole overstated honest pursuit of truth thing I just mentioned, this has always just been my way of making sense of the world. I think I started blogging in 2002. I just haven't done it a whole lot lately.

So here I am. Back, sorta. Not sure where I'm going, how often I'll be blogging. Maybe I have more to say after the silence, maybe not. Like I said, it was a big silence, long, important, full of lessons learned and millions of other things.