November 19, 2008

This blog, that blog, moving on

I'm back. I was there but now I'm back here. For the last three months, the Africa blog has served its purpose - sharing the essentials of my journey to Tanzania and the exploits therein, and my subsequent and successful return to the United States. Since I could get on the internet, say, once a month there, and could only get into email once or twice a week, and since I wasn't up to haggling with a long long email list, I figured writing that blog (and sending them to my surrogate blogger brother Jon to post) would be a great way for those who really wanted to keep tabs on me to do so. And lots of people did, and I'm thankful. I only hope I kept it relevant and useful. Anything I may have neglected to tell you about on there is no doubt better shared in conversation. For now, that blog will only be updated sporadically, whenever some story or image or picture comes up and bubbles over to the point that I just have to write it down and stick it up on the blog. And whatever I put there, I will also put here.

I'm returning to blogging life as normal. I don't remember what that entails... It's hard to come up with content for a blog that has no real purpose other than to share my own thoughts on things that are mostly pointless. Nothing here about hyenas, fires, climbing mountains, stepping in feces. But I wouldn't be blogging if I didn't think you'd be reading. And here you are. So... Come back again soon. I promise not to be boring, not to gripe about politics, not to spend hours writing about how I'm listening to the Cold War Kids.

Karibu tena.


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Jon said...

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